As your reliable out/in-sourcing partner, we are here to monitor the safety of your medicine.

We have been advising and supporting domestic and foreign companies in pharmacovigilance for over a decade.

Operating as a link between manufacturer, MAH, and Health Authorities making sure you have a pharmacovigilance system in place according to local needs.

We are here to assist you whether you need specific service or full PV support.

We provide a range of pharmacovigilance services such as:

  • Handling ICSR (domestic & foreign)
  • Handling periodic reports
  • Compilation of PV data/dossier
  • Monitoring daily incoming communication
  • Tracking of reporting activities
  • Preparing education material for distribution
  • Tracking RMPs and planning for Regulatory submissions
  • Implementation PV clause
  • Training of local PV and non-PV staff
  • Medical literature screening
  • Monitoring local websites
  • Periodic reconciliations
  • QC vendor
  • Case writing
  • Categorization of cases
  • Digitalization of individual segments